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Privacy Policy


Welcome to the ShiftPro website. We expect all our site visitors, customers, and stakeholders to adhere to the terms mentioned in the Privacy Policy below 

Please note that we are responsible for the content on our website only, and shall not be held accountable for any of the third-party websites we may link to. ShiftPro shall abide by all the conditions put forward in this Privacy Policy note shared below.  

Information Collection and Usage 

As you browse our site, we may ask for some personal information from you. We might collect and store this information and use it further for research to understand user behaviours, buying patterns, etc. with the goal to improve our website. The information we ask from you may include personal details like email ID, name, phone number, credit/debit card number, shipping address, and more. We may also collect other information like your IP address and your browser information.  

We might use the personal information you provide to send you promotions, discounts, offers, and other marketing materials.  

ShiftPro website may display some ads from third-party companies, and by clicking on them, you may be redirected to other third-party sites. We are neither responsible nor can be held liable for the policies of our third-party associates 


A cookie is a small data file that is stored in your system’s hard drive. It gives access to all the pages you have visited on your browser, which provides insight to digital markets regarding your interests and likes and preferences.  

Our website uses cookies to gather user data to better understand the browsing behaviour of visitors, to know their likes and preferences, and to measure the accuracy of our promotional campaigns. We use site cookies to track the traffic and show you personalized items. When you visit our site for the first time, you can choose to either accept or decline the use of cookies.   

Links to other websites 

Our website may display links to other websites, which might collect your personal information. ShiftPro will not take the responsibility for the privacy policy followed by these other websites and applications.  

Security Precautions 

We take all the necessary procedural and electronic safeguards needed to protect your confidential information. Our website runs on a secure server. Once you hand over your personal details to us, we have stringent security in place to protect your data from unauthorized access. However, we take cognizance of the instability of data security over the internet; thus, requesting you to follow the process of safe passwords to protect your account on our website.  


We may sometimes display third-party advertisements on our site. These companies might use your personal information obtained from our website in order to promote personalized ads that may be of interest to you.  

Data Retention 

We reserve the right to save your personal information available on our site as applicable by the laws of the land. We shall not share or disclose this information to other parties without your knowledge.  

In certain special circumstances, we may be liable to share your personal information with other parties if there is an instance of fraud, copyright infringement, abuse, cybercrime, or as required by the law.  

Changes to the Privacy Policy 

ShiftPro website has the sole discretion to make changes or modifications to our privacy policy anytime we want. We may put out information on our website if and when a change in the policy is done. But, we are not liable to inform each user personally. The user is advised to keep a check on our website to be aware of any changes made.  

When a user continues to use our website and its services, we regard it as their acceptance of the Privacy Policy and the changes mentioned in them.  

Customer Support 

For any questions, doubts, suggestions, or feedback, please send us a mail at