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About Us And Our Vision

About ShiftPro
Shift and Staff Management Software from ShiftPro

As tech enthusiasts hailing from Canada, we're passionate about using technology to simplify and enhance everyday life. We created ShiftPro to harness this power and optimize workplace productivity through flawless shift scheduling.

We've spent years developing software solutions designed to streamline business operations and stimulate growth. With ShiftPro, we're helping businesses boost employee performance by promoting organization and efficiency. We see time as a valuable asset and aim to maximize it with our versatile and cost-effective solutions.

Shift Management Values from ShiftPro

Our Values

  • Simplicity

One of the main objectives of ShiftPro is to simplify the shift scheduling process. Shift rosters come with many ambiguities, and making changes when necessary is often a fresh challenge.

  • Affordability

We believe that a solution is only a solution when the people it should serve can afford it. 

  • Transparency

 Our ShiftPro solution makes monitoring shift allocation easier and ensures a fair and equitable rotation among your staff.

  • Accountability

Our platform ensures that employees can raise concerns with particular shifts and request necessary adjustments early. 

  • Adaptability

We ensured that ShiftPro was relevant for all shift scheduling applications allowing you to create multiple rosters for full-time and part-time employees.