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About ShiftPro And Us Behind It

About ShiftPro
Shift and Staff Management Software from ShiftPro

We're suckers for technology and the simplicity it can introduce to everyday life. As a software company based in Canada, ShiftPro is our contribution to advancing productivity in the workplace through perfect shift scheduling.

For years, our obsession has been to create software solutions that cause business growth by bringing perfection to the inefficiencies in an organization. Our target with software solutions like ShiftPro is to help organizations enhance employee performance by leveraging order as a strategy. Also, our solutions prioritize saving time as an affordable and versatile tool for productivity improvement.

Shift Management Values from ShiftPro

Our Values

  • Simplicity

One of the main objectives of ShiftPro is to simplify the shift scheduling process. Shift rosters come with many ambiguities, and making changes when necessary is often a fresh challenge.

  • Affordability

We believe that a solution is only a solution when the people it should serve can afford it. 

  • Transparency

 Our ShiftPro solution makes monitoring shift allocation easier and ensures a fair and equitable rotation among your staff.

  • Accountability

Our platform ensures that employees can raise concerns with particular shifts and request necessary adjustments early. 

  • Adaptability

We ensured that ShiftPro was relevant for all shift scheduling applications allowing you to create multiple rosters for full-time and part-time employees.